4 Reasons why your divorce is a blessing

"You won't find Mr. Right being with Mr. Wrong."

4 Reason why your divorce is a blessing

By Serrinea Granville

The widespread increase in divorces across families is a crisis that affects every area of our lives, our mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health. From living in a state of confusion, loss of strength, questioning God, to the stress of divorce fees, divorce can be seen and felt like a curse. However, this notion is far from the truth.

In every adversity lies lessons of blessing, saying we came to give you a higher level of understanding. These adversities include divorce.

Divorces introduce us to our weaknesses

After my divorce, I found that my weakness was giving love and not expecting any reciprocation. We often live not knowing why we allow others to treat us the way they do. One might argue that we should give love, not expecting it in return. That belief does not have its place in a relationship. Can a ship sail without the ocean? Absolutely no! That is precisely the idea of what giving love and receiving love should represent.  The ship and the ocean should both support each other. What weakness did you become awaken to because of experiencing divorce? 

The pain of divorce brings you closer to true love

While driving in Connective on Route 15 near exit 44, I heard a voice softly say, you forgot about me. When experiencing a divorce, we sometimes find ourselves on our knees praying to God more intensely compared to when everything was going well in the relationship. On our knees is where we remember true love. The love that never leaves us or forsakes us. True love is also the friendship that remains during your roughest seasons. Sadly, it often takes a divorce or other adversities for us to get closer to God. 

Divorce creates the opportunity to meet true love 

Maintaining your unhappy marriage is a sign of commitment to the outside world and can save the humiliation of being considered a divorcee. Someone told me that, “you won’t find Mr. Right being with Mr. Wrong.” We sometimes remain because Mr. Wrong is all we know to be the definition of true love. We are used to the wrong that Mr. Wrong told us is the only existence of love. For you to meet true love, you needed to walk away from all the lies Mr. Wrong has taught you to be the truth. 

Divorce corrects the wrong definition of self-love 

The nudging pain in our bodies warns us of the sickness lurking silently. At times we are numb to the concept of self-love. We go through life-giving away love to everyone but ourselves. We buy the best for others, give them our time and effort without thinking that we can express love actively to ourselves just the same. Until the receiver walks away from our lives, leaving us miserable, we realize. A lesson my father taught is that “when everyone walks away from you, you cannot walk away from yourself.” When the person you loved walked away, you had no other choice but to give the love to yourself. Although painful and lonely, it’s moments like these that we become one with ourselves. You can feel, see and recognize that “you” exist. This experience is the beginning of self-love. 

“when everyone walks away from you, you cannot walk away from yourself.”

A divorce overall gives you another chance to reinvent your life and yourself. Allowing yourself to focus on the blessings rather than the curses gives you control over your life experiences.

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