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4 Ways Teen Girls Can Get Over A Breakup

Breaking up is hard to do. Time heals all. Here are 4 specifically targeted teen ways you can pass time to start to get over it!
  • Published on November 4, 2019 on LinkedIn

You can’t deny it.

Your recent break-up has you feeling like you’ve lost your superpowers as a girl. So, it wasn’t working out, and you had to part ways. Maybe you’ve soaked your entire pillow, or binge-watched Netflix or both. I know girl, break-ups suck. They are absolutely no fun. But not all is lost, you still have a choice. You don’t have to sit in the pain of heartbreak forever! Break-ups are the best time to start fresh, with new habits. Make the following your go-to ways of getting over the break-up.

Talk It Out

Whether the breakup is fresh, or some time has passed, there’s a feeling of release that comes with a solid conversation with a friend, your sister, or anyone you trust to hear you out about your feelings. Your trusted family and friends are there to support you, care for you, and love you through this hard time. Spend some quality time, and be present with them.

Get Creative

There are so many strong feelings when you break-up with someone. This takes a lot of courage, but creating out of that pain can really set you free from negative feelings. If you like art, create your own masterpiece. If you like to sing, sing on a live stream and gain followers. If you like to write, then journal it out on a blog. If you’re a YouTuber, make a video to help other girls. Make the break-up a chance to create something new.

Level Up

Many times when we have a break-up, we let ourselves go. The time is now to level up! Go put on your music, workout, change your hair, go read books and articles online. Allow yourself to grow and be better than ever before. Switch up your looks, and also keep up on the things that interest you. Level up in your mind and body.

 Let It Go

Keep a distance from anything involving your ex in the best possible way. If they go to your school, avoid or ignore them. If you still talk to their friends, don’t mention your ex. This is absolutely going to make it easier on yourself. Don’t go stalking your ex on social media, and make sure to throw away or give back any items they gave you. Get back your stuff too. This is key, keep your boundaries with anything or anyone connected to your ex.

Hopefully in time, if you get in tune and focus on all the great things that lie ahead for yourself, you can be living in the new chapter of your life, happily single or in a new relationship when the time is right!

(Originally posted on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/4-ways-get-over-breakup-kianna-byrd/)

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