5 Dating Tips for Those Desiring a Serious Committed Relationship/Marriage

Be the Best Version of Yourself: You become such a better dater when you are happy with yourself.  Trust me on this one!  Your confidence is higher, and you attract a different type of person compared to when you are not feeling at your best. 

Be Emotionally & Physically Available:  It’s hard to date in a healthy manner with a situationship lingering in the background.  Situationships often lead to time wasting.  If you say you’re available to date, actually put in the effort to be present. 

Be intentional:  If you are looking for a serious committed relationship with the purpose of getting married, remember to only involve yourself with a partner currently desiring the same outcome.

Dissolve Previous Negative Baggage:  Everyone gets a clean slate.  If you are going to date with intention, allow yourself to be vulnerable and foster a positive dating environment.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Sometimes sticking with your normal routine can keep you in a cycle of outcomes you don’t desire.  Apply for the new job in that new city you’ve been thinking about, join that social networking group or singles ministry, etc. Take a chance and exercise your faith.  Stepping outside your comfort zone can often lead to a major blessing.

 Good luck to you! 

Coach Erin 

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