5 steps to live authentically

This blog was written four years ago when I realize I wasn't being honest with myself. Once, I stop hiding behind my shame it became easier for me to live in my truth. The truth will set you free and allow your true self to rise. Creativity will begin to leap forth along with all your momentum to be who you were created to be .

Have you ever felt like your life was passing you by and you had no idea where it was moving too? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. Many sleepless nights , watery eyes and you still¬† tell yourself you are, OK. Yet,¬† you can’t seem to shake the reality that you are not.

After years of circles. I finally, looked in the mirror and got real with myself.  See, I  was use to going  to the mall and buying a nice outfit to cover up my shame. I would take  a selfie, right after I got ready,  and off   to  the club I went. Oh yeah,  and I  post my pic on social media too. Just to see all the likes and comments.

After the night had ended,I would look into the mirror and still be stuck with the real me all over again. The one,  who was damaged as a kid. The one,  who was talked about everyday during school hours by her peers. Yes, deep down  inside that little girl was still there begging for a voice.


She wanted to know,¬† that I remembered her.¬† As, I glance in the mirror I spoke¬† “I don’t believe, I’m¬† beautiful.”¬†¬†¬† Wow!¬† Where did that come from? It came from a place within, I had given my 5 year old self a voice to express the pain,¬† I felt from a childhood memory.


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