5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Discovered My Purpose

I thought my purpose was the ticket I needed to be able to leave my job for good. But I was dead wrong.

I really thought knowing my purpose would automatically open the door to my prosperity and happiness. I was so wrong. I thought my purpose was the ticket I needed to be able to leave my job for good. But I was dead wrong. Just knowing your purpose doesn’t open doors. It gives you the keys but you have to be, do and have some other things that are key to you walking out your purpose. 

I was super excited when I finally figured out my purpose. I was set. I was ready to go. But the doors just didn’t open up. I had to make some changes. I had to do somethings. 

1. Up level My Mindset– Man wasn’t this a rude awaken to me. The rejections and let downs came so quick I quickly felt the self doubt sep in. I begin to second guess my purpose. I thought if it was my purpose it shouldn’t be this hard to do the thing I wanted and enjoyed. You see, it takes a go-getter mentality to overcome the let downs and setbacks. To continue the pursuit of your purpose when nothing seems to be happening in the natural.

2. Master My Craft- just because it’s your purpose doesn’t mean you don’t need growth and improvement. You need to be the best so you feel you are the best at what you do. Your level of confidence will come from how well educated and knowledgeable you are in the arena of your purpose. 

3. Mange My Time-I didn’t realize how valuable my time would become when trying to purse my purpose while working my 9-5. Oh boy, it became a lot for me. I had to quickly restructure my days and responsibilities to ensure I made time to build my purpose centered business. It takes time to do purpose. 

4. Make New Connections– Your current network of friends doesn’t always get your purpose. You have to get around those who can mentor, support and help you accomplish your purpose. If you only talk with those you are familiar with, it’s hard to move into the next level of your purpose. You have to get with those who have your solution not your problems.

5. Check My Motives– Doing purpose is great. But doing purpose for your own selfish gains isn’t what God desires. He wants you to put Him first and keep Him first. He gave you the purpose for His purpose. So I had to get my heart right. I was so busy pursuing my purpose for my financial gain and happiness. But when I shifted my motives. Things begin to workout for me. Make sure your heart is right when it comes to your purpose. 

You might think these things aren’t important. Believe me. They are truly important. It takes more than just knowing your purpose in order to walk in and fulfill your purpose. You have to be built up in these key areas. Then you can boss up in your purpose-centered business. 

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