5 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Weight loss Journey

When you are embarking on your weightloss journey there are so many things to keep in mind but here is a place to start.

Changing your life for the better is a wonderful thing. You are looking good, feeling good and most people can see you glowing. But besides all the mushy fun stuff that weightloss or a lifestyle change can bring d you have to remember a few things on the way.

Here are the 5 things you need to keep in mind on your new journey:

  1. Everyone will have an opinion– The comments will pour in like a news anchor reporting breaking news. Everyone has a comment on how you should lose weight, when you should stop and what you should do. Let people have their opinions and comments. Still work toward the weight loss or lifestyle goal you see fit.
  2. Everyone is a doctor all of a sudden– People will tell you what you are doing is unhealthy. People will give you food and exercise advice that you did not ask for. People will challenge the things you are doing and claim they are bad for your body. Do yourself a favor if this person is not a medical or fitness professional, listen to their advice but it is not the end all be all. You know what’s right for your body and if you don’t seek PROFESSIONAL help.
  3. You may be an outcast – When you are working out or eating healthy this may separate you from others especially if they are not on a journey and this is okay just understand people  may not want your kale salad or low carb yogurt. Somethings you may have to do alone. No worries you can find other people who are doing the same as you and you guys can befriend one another.
  4. You will be emotional– You will feel like no one understands you. You may feel like others are judging you. You may even feel that no one cares about your journey. These feelings are temporary and no one has to understand your journey but you. Share your emotions with someone you trust, no need to hide the way you feel.
  5. The process may suck (big time) – We have heard trust the process even love the process which is true. But there will come some bumps in the road where you will think is this process supposed to be hard? Or should I just stop? No you should NOT stop just be aware that along the process it will have its good days and bad but more good than bad.

Let’s sum this up

  • Take peoples opinions with a grain of salt
  • You don’t need a “wanna be doctor” giving you advice but find a REAL professional
  • You may start your journey alone but that’s okay you can find friends along the way
  • You should keep your emotions in check but know you can share them frequently
  • The process will be a challenge at times but still keep going



Thank you for reading . Remember if no one has told you lately, I am so proud of you. 

Chat with you soon, Jen!

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