5 Ways An Internal Makeover Is Like A Home Renovation

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Every day we look in the mirror and see or ignore what we don’t like about ourselves. Until one day a desire stirs within you to “get it together”. It’s at that moment you take into account “how am I going to do this scary work” of facing what I have been avoiding for a long time.
The courage to attack what we see is wrong must be wrangled. Somehow someway we must break it down to be something that makes sense to us because we’ve been this way too long. You may be asking yourself “how can I even approach the arduous task of straightening out what’s crooked in me without giving up?”
Sometimes we just have to put it in terms we can understand. I am a huge fan of renovation shows on all the improvement channels. I love seeing the transformation process of taking something old, broken down, dilapidated, abandoned, and worthy of destruction and turning it into something liveable, beautiful, brand new, and appreciated. So when I began doing the internal makeover on myself I likened it to the countless shows I’ve seen.
  1. The first thing required to be done to do an internal makeover is everything that’s holding up demolition needs to go. If there are rodents, asbestos, mold, or pests present they must be abated first because they could potentially be hazardous to your health. In our lives, I call these things dead areas. Whether it is an abusive partner, a fair-weather friend, or a dead-end job they must go so that the demolition process can take place that’s what I call the tearing down and building up.
  2. Once you eliminate the dead areas, it’s now time to tear down everything old, broken, outdated, and unsafe. This requires smashing, drilling, hammering, bulldozing, digging up, and demolishing old ways, habits, and ideas. Think about the adjectives used to describe the demolition stage of renovation ie. the internal makeover. Every single word speaks of pain, but this is the time to keep your mind on the outcome and not give in when it hurts. This is part of the process.
  3. Once everything is demolished you can now see the bare bones of the structure. It’s time to lay out the design/blueprint to see what it will take to get the most bang for your buck. Every design put in place is meant to increase the value of the reno. In women, this is the point where we decide what stays, what’s outdated, and what needs to be upgraded to make us better. You may need to get a coach or have a therapist to help you through this stage of the make-over so that you stay on track because this is the time where all you see is destruction. You may even want to retreat and go back to the comfort of your dysfunction. Stay the course sis!
  4. As the layout is solidified now you can begin drywalling, putting in cabinets, add flooring, laying tile, and painting the walls. Your heart skips a beat because now you can picture what it will look like. You see an in-depth change within yourself. This is the point where people begin to ask “what’s wrong with you?” or say “you’re different” because you are! You’ve overcome the hammering, pounding, drilling, screwing, and now you can actually see what’s to be revealed.
  5. It’s move-in day! Now you can see how much you’ve spent, how much time it took for you to get from point A to point B, and how much of an increase, minus the expenses you are worth. Remember it takes losing, throwing away, and replacing something to increase the value of who you really are.
Many of us get stuck in being “abandoned buildings” or “empty people” because we don’t believe we are worth much more than when we began. Your thought process tells you “it’s just too damn hard to complete.” Push sis, you’re almost at the best part. The reveal. It’s when we see what the dwelling was like compared to what the dwelling is now. It’s always worth it.
Sis, we all have the capacity to makeover our inner woman and enjoy the beauty of the restoration that has taken place. Remember in order to keep it or ourselves looking, feeling beautiful, and up to parr, the inner work must continue daily for the rest of our lives. Staying ahead of the game is what it will take to stay in pristine condition. If you need help getting started. Join me for my free WorthShop to help guide you through the beginning process of your internal makeover. Now is the time to get yo life sis! You will not regret it.

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