5 ways to unplug and LIVE LIFE

I recently decided to take a break from my love affair with my couch, netflix and my macbook for a so called night out on the town. Well it was a nice time with friends and a good excuse to get dolled up, to say the least. However there was one major flaw that put a damper on the night. It was a social environment but everyone seemed to be pre-occupied….with their cellphones [insert blank stare here]. Then it dawned on me that we have likely reached a point where authentic human interaction is harder to come by. Why make the effort to get dressed up, drive to your destination, wait in line & possibly pay an entrance fee, all to surf the net on your smartphone??

Taking a moment to shine the light on myself, I realized that I too have habits of a social media/tech junkie. So, in order to hold myself accountable. I had to find some ways to shake this habit and get back to authentic living . No more aimless strolling on social media, with no purpose. It’s time to unplug and live. If you need a break from being overly plugged in as well… keep reading for tips…

Tip#1: Pray/Talk to God

Whenever I’m on social media it reminds me of being in a loud crowded room. From post to post you’re taking in different thoughts, feelings and experiences of others. Quite frankly this can be exhausting and distracting to the mind and body. When you decide to unplug, one of the best ways to spend it is in silence or conversation with God. Let him fill you up with joy, peace and love, as you share your feelings, insecurities and desires with him. You’ll be enlightened by what he shares in return.

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Tip#2: Enjoy nature


Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to live in my opinion(under the right conditions of course). Take advantage of those perfect weather days, go to your nearest park & just walk. Enjoy the cool breeze, feed off the positive energy around you & get fit all at the same time.

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Tip#3: Indulge in your hobby

What do you really enjoy doing? Is it sewing, cooking, outdoor activities etc? Whatever it may be, unplugging from technology gives you more time to embrace this activity. Believe it or not, a lot of the time we claim we “don’t have” is wasted by watching too much tv & strolling through social media. By having more time to dedicate to your interests, it may actually turn into something profitable.


Tip#4: Relax

This can be a variety of activities depending on the person. But in this case, go beyond the normal couch potato routine. Think of some activities that will actually allow you to shut your mind ( and phone) off and just be. If you’re a little stumped here’s some help.

  • Take a bubble bath
  • Go get a massage
  • Splurge on a Mani/Pedi
  • Yoga

When I do these things I actually put my phone out of reach so I can fully enjoy relaxing and being pampered. Contrary to popular belief every moment we engage in does not need to be reported via status, pic or video upload. 




Tip#5: Read/Write

I may be showing a bit of my nerdy side by sharing this with you but I actually get excited by the thought of new books and journals. Seriously, walking into Barnes and Noble gives me an instant IQ boost. Challenge yourself to read a new book every month or two. You’ll be surprised by the things you’ll learn. Next time you feel the urge to post on social media take the time to write in your journal, even if its just writing the things you’re grateful for. Having a personal space for writing is a form of cleansing, reassurance and restoration.

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Ok that just about sums it up! The next step will be to power off your cellphone, shut off the TV, laptop and LIVE. After your much needed break is over be sure to make better use of your technological leisure time. Surf the net for business ideas, exotic places to travel or new ways you can explore your home town. Its time to stop watching others live their life through social platforms and make your own memories.



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