6 Gifts of Singlehood

His Presence – I wake up daily into God’s amazing presence each day.  He feeds me from his word and I can start my day refreshed and renewed. 


A Beautiful Place – God has placed me in this beautiful central coast to enjoy the wonderful landscape, the kind neighbors, and an amazing church family.  


Provision – He gave me a quiet 2 bedroomed apartment for my son and I.  He provided a job so I can earn a living and He provides for my needs when I am running low on funds.  He provides donated furniture, food and even people to service my car when I have no idea where to get money for repairs. 


A new Personality – God transformed me from an angry, bitter, resentful person into a new creation.  I am still getting used to it.  I have a new identity in Him and it attracts the right kind of people into my life.  


His Parameters – I operate within God’s boundaries.  I set high standards for myself in every area of my life.  Sometimes I am tempted to cross the boundaries and just live my life the way I want but I learn quickly that when He says NO, he is protecting me from heartache.

Purpose – God gave me a reason to live.  He showed me the plans He has for me and I have a strong sense of hope because He is guiding me along the way.  He does not reveal the entire picture.  He just tells me to trust, obey and do the next right thing.  

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