8 Tips for Sowing Success Despite Life’s Challenges

Maybe you weren’t raised with a mentality for how to succeed or no one ever taught you the basics and you’ve had to learn everything the hard way...

I wrote this article back in 2016 for an online platform. It still rings truth and so I’ve decided to share on my profile here. In order to reap success, we must view what tools we have successfully and positively, despite our challenges. Therefore, let us sow successfully to reap successfully. Please enjoy and be encouraged. For video messages, other posted messages and more from Mental Core Coaching, follow on Instagram @mentalcorecoaching. Share!

Have you ever believed that you were given a slim chance of success or were dealt a bad hand in life? Maybe you weren’t raised with a mentality for how to succeed or no one ever taught you the basics and you’ve had to learn everything the hard way, from good character to life skills. Let’s say you’ve inherited a bad plot of land in life and you have no clarity on what to do with it or how to yield any crops from it. How do you bring success to a seemingly dead situation? How do you cultivate life from dead soil?


One day I asked God through many tears, “Lord, how do I plant something successfully when I have bad soil? What do I do?” and right after asking, I thought of Jesus using parables of sowers. So then it dawned on me to Google ‘how to plant in bad soil.’ I came across a sweet how-to on wikiHow and as I begun reading through the steps, the Lord ministered hope on how to succeed from what I have. Through that simple article on gardening, I was seeing how to turn my seemingly poor plot in life into one that’s full of growth and success. Below, I abbreviated the article on how to plant in poor soil (which I suggest you check out) followed with the powerful tips that came to mind (John 14:26).

Step 1. Prep and choose what to plant

  • Choose wisely what you want to plant in your life. Prepare to adapt for the upcoming changes. Plant what is organically native to you. What strengths do you already possess to build on and endure in successfully?
  • Don’t be ashamed of who you are if you feel you don’t possess what it takes to succeed. Prepare to gear up and plant with confidence in Christ who is life.

Step 2. Dig the foundation

  • The precision and depth by which you cut your foundation could determine whether the vision you plant lives or dies because it needs sufficient space for repair, growth and development.
  • Envision that your vision is bigger than you know and prepare yourself to be ready to accept the next steps in your success. You can’t build toward success by being afraid of it or by thinking negatively. Trust the Lord.
  • View your vision with professionalism and create boundaries that will protect your foundation. Take yourself, your vision and people God sends your way seriously. Be very precise in your dealings with people.

Step 3. Amend the soil

  • Choose quality connections that spark life and build on who you already are, and will nourish you in your goals.
  • Don’t connect with anything irresponsible. You don’t want to jeopardize what you are growing. If it’s toxic to you, then it’s toxic to your building.
  • Don’t worry because worrying can be highly counterproductive and limit creativity and opportunity.

Step 4. Remove some of the mixed soil

  • Remove unfruitful thoughts that don’t benefit you in each season.
  • Use discernment with people. You may have to remove or rearrange some things or people in your life.
  • Protect your heart, mind and vision from distractions, sin and fears.
  • Not all good ideas are meant for immediate implementation. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Step 5. Water in the roots

  • Jesus Christ is your living water who amends and sparks the life in your foundation. Acknowledge the Lord and He will direct your paths.
  • Water your process and relationships with prayer and the word of God.

Step 6. Cover in compost

  • Take what has been broken down in your life and use it for your good to protect and help amend what you are building up in your life.
  • Cover your ground. Make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s with your faith, projects, people and legalities.

Step 7. Step on soil to settle around the roots and remove any dry air

  • Spiritual authority – stand on what God has given you! Press it in! Make the environment for your vision solid. The bible says that a spirit goes into dry places–don’t allow ungodly spirits to hang out in what God is using you to build. Stomp out the footholds!

Step 8. Check the progress 

  • Follow up and follow through. Invest yourself and keep striving.
  • Jesus is the living water. Stay filled up on Him.

These steps have been a light of guidance for when I lose focus. You will see your soil become fertile and produce. Consider that it takes patience, diligent hands and faith in the One who orders your steps.
Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

Source: http://m.wikihow.com/Plant-in-Poor-Soils

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