99 Problems but a Side Chick Ain’t One

One of the biggest fears women have is to build with their partner, only to one day find out that a side chick was also nibbling. Usually, once a woman is aware that there is a side chick in the picture, she grows more resentment towards the side chick.

Another woman can never have access to your man if he doesn’t allow it. When a man is not showing other women those boundaries cannot be crossed, he is intentionally setting up the downfall of what you’ve built together.

Growing up, I would hear married women say that if a man has a mistress, that doesn’t mean the mistress is the favorite. But what many women fail to understand is that if a man has a mistress, he doesn’t truly love and respect the wife or the mistress. He is only using them both to boost his ego.

We need to demand respect from our partner by making it clear that if boundaries are crossed, there will be consequences. If a man would rather risk it all and allow another person to come between you, he is absolutely not worthy of your love. You already have other challenges to tackle in life. The last thing you need is to worry about a side chick.


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