A Little Bit of Self-Love.

        What is self-love? It is having gratefulness of you, contentment and regard of your true potential. It’s discovering what brings a sense of peace and overall happiness.

Still, many don’t know what it truly is and the work required for it. The reality of self-love is it has no end. It is a continuous process. As long as life still exists, you’ll need the willingness to achieve it. Sadly, self-love isn’t well understood and more people, while trying to get better, are indirectly living up to a non-existent perfection. There’s a strong impact on what people consume with their eyes and ears. The saying, “You are what you eat,” is the same principle with your psychological wellbeing, “You are what you consume, mentally.”

Here are some tips that can gradually improve your mental wellbeing:

  •  Do not compare yourself with anyone. Everybody is gifted with certain charisma

and uniqueness. Focus on being you and no one else. Fall in love with all of your

“flaws” and “imperfections” and in turn, it’ll impart patience to love others. No

more criticisms and being hard on you because, you deserve love and respect.

  • Spend more time doing what you love. If you don’t know what you love, get

yourself involved in different activities. Enjoy the process and listen to what your

mind and body say to you.

  • Take time to take care of yourself. Sleep when you need to, eat healthy food and

exercise. The best version of you shouldn’t be dictated by society. Your physical

outlook is a reflection of your internal wellbeing.

  • Talk about it. It’s better to speak about what goes on in your mind. Internalizing

your feelings can cause harm and it affects the way you relate with others.

  • Read, watch and listen to what edifies you. Filter out the negatives. They do

nothing for you. Prioritize your time on what feeds you positively and in all

aspects of your life.

So meditate on this, if the eyes are the window to the soul, then the ears are the doorway to the mind. All of this takes time and you only get better.

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