A makeover can be more than looks

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “makeover?” Do you automatically picture someone cutting or coloring their hair? Or do you see someone completely changing their wardrobe to look more prestigious? Either way, we automatically define the word makeover with changing our personal look.  I personally believe a makeover can be anything in our life we want to revamp and add more life to. For example, getting rid of some old furniture and replacing it with new furniture is a makeover. Rearranging your bedroom or living room to give it a fresher look or feel is a makeover. In some cases a change in attitude and/or way of thinking can be a makeover. Yeah, that sounds deep, but when you look at it; it all flows the same. Nothing is wrong with wanting a makeover in the sense of your physical appearance or attire. However, don’t limit yourself to believing that’s the only way to liven up an area in your life. – Lori G. Clark

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