A Nightstand Secret

"Redemption isn't always easy. As God Continued to mold me into His likeness, He uncovered every secret, until they were all gone." - Kandace Thomas

I kept them in my nightstand and every time I opened the drawer I glanced at them before returning to my day. It’s been so long since I had to use them. In A life of purity there is no need for them. However I kept them in case I needed them I didn’t want to be caught unprepared, well this is the lie I told myself. I kept the magnum condoms in my drawer because I was sprung and a part of me was waiting for a ghost to return. How pathetic, yes I know, we all have moments of weakness, and this was mine. I kept this SECRET stash and no one knew, but my nightstand. Every time I looked at them I remembered those hot summer nights. Oh Lawd why was I so foolish! There’s no need to reminisce because those weren’t good times. They were lonely times. We were lonely beings tearing each other apart inside and out. We were far from love. I realized quickly that I didn’t want that, I was convicted, I was being pulled out of my sin to walk a righteous life. And that is exactly what I did, I wanted it all love and sex. Sex without love was NOTHING, no matter how good it felt. Yet I still could feel your body on mine every time I opened my nightstand. Soul ties remind me of despicable beats.! It took me nearly two years to break free of the remnants of you, when I threw away the box of rubber temptations.
-For me redemption is not easy because when the chains start to break there is no going back and that can be painful. Thank you lord for the bountiful harvest up ahead. Will You Let God Cleanse You Of Your Secrets?

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