A Prayer for Wisdom for 2021

Lord give us wisdom. Wisdom for the mindset of where we are going, rather than the mindset of where we have been. There can not be any shucking and jiving in this next season. You cannot afford to indulge in show and tell, it has to be all or nothing concerning the Father’s business. In order for you to move expediently in your purpose, you need WISDOM, the wisdom for who and who not to trust, the wisdom for what decisions to make, the wisdom to show you how to navigate in the world that we live in. You need a new mind so that you can move in a fresh direction. It does not matter what your calendar says, you cannot have a new year with an old mind. You can celebrate and toast cheers all you want, but if you are not being transformed by the renewing of your mind, you will remain stagnant right where you stand.

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