A Quick Scan

How often do you do a body scan during the day?  Perhaps you are asking why you should body scan?  It is so powerful. It gives you clear information about what is going on with you from within.  It rarely needs to take more than 30 seconds.  Here are some helpful tips to help you make this a regular habit.  

Start with sitting still with your feet on the ground and eyes closed.  Notice your body and pay attention to your breath. Now, focus on how you are feeling. How is your energy? How is your posture? Are you clenching your jaw? Or any other part of your body? What is your mood? Do you have any pain, discomfort, or tension? Don’t forget your emotions. How do you feel emotionally? Are you craving sugar or tea, or coffee?  Just notice, don’t judge or fight.

When you have noticed how you feel, ask yourself how you could feel better. Do you need to drink more water? Do you need to step away from the computer and walk around for a couple of minutes?  

If you feel pain, that is a warning signal from your body.  Don’t ignore it. Seek medical treatment if needed.  Pain is your body shouting for attention. Paying attention before you get to this point can save you from making things worse.

Intentional scanning will help you to take notice.  Only then can you figure out what to do to feel better. The foundation to self-care is about noticing, and with practice, you will find this gets super simple.

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