A Sanitary Home

During this really difficult time here are a few tips to go above and beyond to keep your home safe and as germ free as possible.


During this very difficult and stressful time in the world I encourage everyone to think positive, feel loved, and if you think you pray enough- pray more. 


I would hope that everyone has been frequently hand washing but I’d like to offer a couple other suggestions that most people don’t do. 


On my moms side of the family the biggest sin in the world is sitting on someones bed with your “outside clothes on”. This is ingrained in my head and has been virtually all my life. 

When you sit on your bed with clothes that you’ve worn outside you are bringing in all the germs and elements that are outside in the world. Its really good practice to put those clothes in a hamper, shower and put on “house clothes”. 

This keeps your bed and your home in general in a sanitary state.


Also I don’t believe in wearing shoes on carpet. So in my house only the upstairs is carpeted. So what I do is take off my shoes and leave them downstairs. Carpet isn’t cleaned as easily as a hardwood or a tile floor so if you have carpet I’d recommend making your carpet a safe space and free from outside dirt. 


Mix up a spray bottle and fill it with 1/4 bleach and the rest water you could also add in some essential oils if you don’t like the smell of bleach (personally I love the smell). But spray and wipe all surfaces with paper towels on a daily basis and if you can several times a day. Please use paper towels and not a rag that has been used before. 


If you typically clean your bathroom once a week I would bump that up to twice a week. 

I would also spray and wipe down your vehicles and all door handles. 


I would consider washing all linen and not wearing anything twice that you’ve worn outside until it’s been washed. 


This is just one moms opinion in how we can protect our little ones!


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