A wise man once said nothing at all!

Have you ever heard the phrase “silence is golden?” This rings true when it comes to communication in co-parenting because many things are better left unsaid. I do realize that there is a time to speak up with your opinion, but we must learn to use discernment. Words are sacred, they possess an energy that you send out into the universe to the point where you can speak things into existence. I am big into meditation and being present in the moment. There are different forms of meditation including Transcendental Meditation, Zen, Mantra and Yoga. These forms of silent meditation help to bring about alignment and self-reflection. Along with reflection, silence can bring about healing. In silence, we remove all distractions and are left to face ourselves and our thoughts head on. If you find yourself uneasy with silence, there may be underlying insecurities. Sometimes when navigating a relationship, co-parenting or otherwise, we come across people who will not listen to us no matter what we say. It is not worth your time or energy to share your truth, insights or reasoning with someone not willing to understand. People would much rather believe a lie than a truth that they can’t comprehend or accept. While we like to state that silence is golden, like anything else in life you need balance as well. Even in communication, our tone, inflections, and emphasis on certain words can shed light our emotional state. This is why you can use the same word or phrase and they have two different meanings. There is power in words so understand that there is also power in silence. Even in the tenth book of Proverbs it states “…he who holds his tongue is wise.” When you learn to embrace being silent, it allows you to listen more effectively. Instead of listening to hear words and reply, you listen to understand. This is the most effective form of communication and the foundation for a healthy relationship in parenting, co-parenting, marriage, friendship, or anything in between. Just remember, not every action is deserving of a reaction, sometimes you have to let people think two plus two is ten and go on about your life!

-Miss Kris

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