Our company was started with you in mind. Whether you’re a coach or seeking a coach, we’re here to support you. The goal is to connect skilled and passionate coaches with enthusiastic clients. We foster the growth of people with an understanding that every person matters. It is not strange for our visitors to occupy both roles as a client on the site and a coach. Everyone needs support, whether you call it mentoring or coaching, we all need someone in our corner.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are hand selected and thoroughly vetted. It’s our goal to provide the highest quality of coaches the industry has to offer. Being that our founders are top coaches in their fields, this site is designed specifically to fill a void and meet the needs of the coaching industry.

Mission Statement

Although some have tried to capitalize on this industry, we were created from a place of passion. It’s our mission to provide affordable coaching for those interested in personal-development. We focus on virtual mentoring and coaching because that is where we believe the industry is going.

The Process

In a fast paced society, visiting a coach in an office space may soon be non-existent. For safety, ease, and comfort we believe it’s best the coach and client alike are able to connect from the comfort of their respective homes. Sessions can be much more productive when both parties don’t have to worry about maintaining eye-contact and reading non-verbal cues.

We promote audio sessions by phone, skype, or other apps available. This allows you to have a session in your pajamas, without worrying about make-up, hair-do’s and the likes. Relax. Take a deep breath. Now you can focus on your growth because we’ve cut out the noise and distractions.

We are an open brain-trust, so if you have any cutting edge ideas, feedback, or recommendations, don’t hesitate to send us a note through the contact page. If any other questions or concerns arise, please contact us immediately. It’s our goal to maintain a healthy and productive community. If you feel a coach or client has acted inappropriately in any way, please let us know as we will address the issue accordingly.


Enjoy the journey!