Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder


Abstinence: is a self-enforced restraint from indulging in 

bodily activities, some people say celibacy.

Often when a person decides to make a conscious decision about their sexual 

behavior. It is usually because of some sort of trauma that they endured. They 

could have been dealing with sexual abuse or molestation. So, they may look at 

sex as a traumatizing situation.

Some abstain from sex because of their foundational belief. Their faith and belief 

in God. Some do believe in not engaging until marriage. Sex is not a part of Gods 

plan for our life.

But when you are dating, and your mate is not abstaining what do you do. Well 

just remember you are on a different level and a different mindset. You can also 

get that same dopamine release by eating some chocolate, exercising, a favorite 

movie or you can cuddle up with a good book. Its all in the mind.

Once sex is off the table. You can think clearly when it is not an option. Now you 

can get to know the person you are dating. They on the other hand will make love 

to your mind. They can really see you and not what they can get. When they not 

with you they will think about you more, call you more and miss you more. 

Because by nature men are hunters they will always be interested. Not only your 

body but your mind and soul.

You benefit is if it does not work out, guess what? You have no soul-tie, no 

memories of him seeing your body. You love yourself by respecting your body. No 

unwanted pregnancies, vaginal. infections or even a STD. Again, once they see 

you love yourself and that sex is sacred. They will realize you are not basic you are 

a rarity. People always protect what is rare.

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