Acceptance Leads To Victory!!!

You cannot love and embrace who you are and hate the experiences that helped shape you.

🖤The hardest thing for me to let go of was how my life was “supposed to go” in my head. I wasn’t supposed to be a divorcee.  I wasn’t supposed to be a single mother. I wasn’t supposed to had become an alcoholic or just learning how to love myself in my mid 30’s…so I thought. But acceptance allowed me to push forward in victory! Acceptance allowed me to turn my wounds into wisdom! Acceptance allowed me to turn my pain into purpose and my mess into a message. 


🖤Loving you is forgiving the process and knowing that everything is just as it needs to be in order to heal, grow, and learn.

Will you let it make you bitter or better? Will you be a victim or be victorious? Nothing you’ve been through is in vain! God will use it all for His glory through you, for you, and in you!🖤🙏

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