Affirmation on Quirks

Hey Guys!

I came across this wonderful affirmation that we are going to get right into it so basically the affirmation is going to be:

“I adore my quirks because they make me unique.”

So, I don’t have to tell you – we all got our ways of doing things… we all got our ways of being… Some of us absolutely know what we are and who we are… and some of us do not always know all of who we are… I think that level of awareness comes into having a self-healing journey and having a journey of self-discovery.  It is about being self-aware.  When you find yourself appreciating the quirkiness in you, that is the true definition of self-love.   

I know I am quirky, and I got my little ways you know. I do not go by the beat of everybody else’s drum we are not supposed to guys… At the end of the day we have to accept ourselves for who we are the way we are and show up that way and be proud of that person.  So embrace yourself love yourself and know you are even if you are not so confident about every aspect of yourself. Just accept you’re beautiful self and be happy with that!  Be fine, the more you are confident about who you are the more you will attract the right people and things on the same vibe as you!  Come join my FB Group – Know Your Worth Then + Tax and see if we match your “feel good vibes”! We have all kinds of people there so come and connect.  Just be open to make all kinds of connections!   You would be surprised how the universe loves us and puts people on our path that will become just like family if not better, who will accept, love you and care about you allowing you to leave the rest guys. 


Do not worry about it, just be yourself, love on yourself and be that quirky unique person that you are and let the rest of the crap go man you know life is serious, life is important life is humbling, life is being in gratitude, life is full of gratitude. 

I am happy, stay in love peace and hold the light, but at the end of the day it’s your experience and your definition of what it is you are going to allow.  You don’t have to allow anybody else to define our experience for us. If they don’t accept you as you are quirks and all, just let it go!  Do not give people power.  Who cares if this person will let those people figure it out, who cares… let them go kick rocks that’s what I always say you know so alright guys I just want to keep it short and sweet I thought that was a very powerful, simple but yet very impactful affirmation statement.

“I adore my quirks because they make me unique”

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