Affirmation –

I am attracting a balance of abundance in every aspect of my life!

Basically, this is the best thing to remember and know what direction you are trying to call abundance into your life . You want to call in the right positive energy the right things into your life.  For example, you can have $5 to your name for the whole month and still have an abundant mindset because you totally are happy with, content and provided for anyway.  We can be abundant in spirit, heart, mind, soul, body and externally.  Abundance in finances are always the easiest and quickest way most of us measure our abundance, but it is all about our perspective.  It is about how we see it look at it meaure it for ourselves.  There just isn’t no right or wrong answer or way to define abundance for you.

Abundance gives you significance in your life.  We change or perspective as we grow and heal.  Sometimes the things that we think mean so much just changes. Everyone will have their own and again there is nothing wrong answer.  Sometimes we lose sight of what abundance is to us in every aspect of our life.  Really being able to define it, we get a clearer deeper perspective for ourselves, which helps us get and stay grounded. This is all about you at the end  Enjoy!


Abundance is absolutely to you….. define abundance in your life?

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