"Strong people rarely have an easy past"

Life will throw you many curve balls.  If your a catcher, its all about how your gonna catch the ball.  If your the batter and your up to bat, you’ll have to decide when to swing at the ball.  Sometimes we need help before we can even get in the game.  Generally in life, our environment will throw us a lot of curve balls.  And when it’s our turn to bat, we don’t know how to swing at the curve balls.  Because our environment has had it’s affects, effects, and infects on us.  It’s not easy.  But you’ve gotta get up.  Catch the ball.  Swing the bat.  And move.  First base.  Second base.  Third base.  Home run!  Life it’s not easy.  Getting there can be challenging when you don’t understand how to in game that is being played.  You may have all these obstacles in your way.  Your already a star.  Now the team is counting on you when you are just about to stumble and fall.  What are you gonna do?  You’ve got some folk. who will cheer you on, “go, go, go.  Get up, you can do it.”  Then you got your undercover haters.  “You don’t know what your doing.  Fall, fall, fall.”  While smiling in your face.  Look, I’m here to tell that none of that really matters.  It’s what really matters to you.  Keep it moving!  Get what you need from where it is healthy enough for you to be transparent enough to overcome the obstacles you will face when living on purpose a peaceful and prosperous life.  Let me know how I can help you to help yourself.  And if I’m not a match for you please checkout the other coaches here on mymentor.life.  I’m sure you will find a match who is more than willing to help you as well.  Peace and Love!

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