Alone, But Not Lonely.

Being single, does not mean you have to be or feel lonely.

Being single does not equal being lonely. In the season of singleness, take this time for self. Work on you.  This is not the time to worry about finding your next relationship, but instead building a relationship with yourself.  Start learning how to love yourself more. If you were ever told that you had character flaws, now is the time to start building, and or working on character.

Take some time to read, and begin to not just intake more knowledge but wisdom for future endeavors.  Start that business that you have been wanting to start, stretch those ideas that have been stirring around in your mind.

If you have kids, you can focus more on spending time with them. This is your season to get you together more so now, than to worry about jumping into another relationship too soon.  If you need to, surround yourself with a good support system. There is plenty to do, and focus on in your single season to keep you and your mind busy.  This time can be used as a season of healing and growth, until that person comes along in your life.  All because you are single, it does not mean you have to be or feel lonely. 


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