Always on the Go? Remember rest is a necessity…

We are taught by society to always be on the go and keep busy constantly, doing a million things at once. Otherwise, we are defined as lazy or that we are missing out on life, or unproductive. And we are made to feel shame if we don’t keep up with the Johnsons. But we are not told of the negative effects of being overworked.

In a world of constant doing, remember, it’s okay to just have moments to yourself to do nothing at all and be still in the presence of the moment. It’s okay to not want to do anything at all every once in a while. Our bodies need a reset, and when we are constantly on the go and in action, the body adapts to that routine we have established and doesn’t know how to tell us it needs rest . That it needs a break to just be, besides just resting at night. 


Knowing this, it’s imperative, we set time aside to rest as needed when our body calls to us. Body signals could include more than usual fatigue, body aches, depression, anxiety, numbness, heart palpitations, overthinking, overeating, a rise in caffeine intake, etc. The world and your tasks can wait for a moment, and they will still be there when you get back. Your health and wellness will not. Besides, if we become ill, all of what we are desperately trying to push on our bodies to do more without rest, will be affected in a negative way by having to stop all together for multiple days due to a worse illness. This all can happen, if we don’t know when to stop from doing. And our society does a great job to make us believe that we always have to be on the go, productive and achieving something, because otherwise, we are considered lazy or missing out. It’s like the more overworked we are, the more it’s celebrated. But society doesn’t teach us of the effects on the body from overworking. Just get the next pill and hop on back to work, we are told. But we fail to realize pills are just bandaids, covering up the symptoms of the root problem. Research shows that our lives are on overdrive now a days more than ever, because many work from home or the 24/7 lifestyle the internet has started. Then we have home chores and family. Japan shows that many people are overworked and often fall asleep at their desk due to 24/7 demand of work and long hours of work. As a result, many feel lonely, depressed, anxious, suicide rates have gone extensively high, gain weight around the belly due to cortisol buildup from stress, etc. So, as we can see, being so advanced and technology driven tends to emphasize the issues we are already facing on the daily. 


Therefore, if anything, take those 30 min to an hour daily, to do what you enjoy most and what relaxes your mind, body and soul. Eg. Gardening, walking in nature, going to the beach, singing, dancing, yoga, exercise, spa day, meditation, horseback riding, etc. The possibilities are endless based on what helps one relax. 


Remember, self care is self love feeding back into us. So that we can return feeling refreshed, energized and ready to seize the day! Whatever that may be for you. 


Much love,


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