Great Mom!

As mothers, we often struggle with feeling like we aren’t “good enough”. Are we being a good example to our kids, do we love them the way they need to be loved? As a nurse and a single mom, I struggle with feeling like I don’t balance well when it comes to providing and giving the kids quality time. Like most parents, I provide food, shelter, and love but as a mom of three girls, am I teaching them the importance of self-worth? Are my actions showing all of my children that happiness is more important than material things and to always live life to the fullest? Am I leading by example and teaching them how to love unconditionally and not judge others based on their differences? Do my children even like me? These are all thoughts that go through my mind. Moms, trust that we will never get it completely right, just give yourself credit for the effort you put into being a good mom. Listen to your words and replace them with positive truths. Mother to mother, I know your struggle and I appreciate you. You are a great mom! 💕

-Miss Kris

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