An Attitude of Gratitude

We should always have an attitude of gratitude. We never know what our future holds. We take so much for granted not realizing the significance until it's gone. COVID 19 has taught me to be grateful in all things!

The pace of life was once at a ferocious speed where I would barely be able to catch my breath. I’m grateful to finally be able to exhale. I’m grateful to have air in my lungs without the assistance of a breathing machine. I’m grateful for another day of life. I’m grateful for my health, my strength, and the ability of my limbs. I’m grateful for a sound mind. I’m grateful that the time has slowed down. I’m grateful to be working from the comforts of my home. I’m grateful to be able to rest, renew and relax. I’m grateful for naps. I’m grateful for the late nights and late days. I’m grateful to be able to cook more. I’m grateful to have more time to clean, more time to exercise, more time to read, and more time to write. I’m grateful to be able to tap into my creative side. I’m grateful to be able to spend more time with my baby girl. Before I know it she’ll be a grown woman making her grand entrance into the world! I’m grateful to catch the rhythm of the beat yet still play my own tune. I’m grateful to just be. I was grateful before yet I’m overwhelmed with gratitude now! COVID 19 has taught me to be grateful in all things!

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