An Empty Mind is a Noisy Mind

"When my brain starts talking to me, it's something worth hearing."

Long time no substance! Salutations! I’ve been missing my own words of encouragement. In the past few weeks I’ve been a busy 🐝. For me there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish all that I want to. There’s no time for my brain to get bored, & make room for my ego to start telling me lies. I admit that I have a busy brain. One that likes to talk a lot to me. Therefore I have found it most beneficial for me to feed my brain with lots of positivity, and with knowledge of things that I want to know. So then when my brain starts talking to me, it’s something worth hearing. During these down days I challenge you to do something for you, that doesn’t include a Netflix series. Not that I don’t love a good TV series. But what is that series feeding you? We soak up knowledge every day in every second from many different places, social media, friends, TV, Music… Fill your day with positive people, thoughts, notions… How I stay busy & positive. 🌻 Home improvement projects: Whether it’s a DIY, Cleaning out a cabinet, reorganizing, purging, selling something on market place, etc. This gives you a since of satisfaction. A clean environment makes for a healthy mind.🧭 A good book. This for me is usually some type of self help book. Something to make me see things in a positive manner, something to stretch the dimensions of my mind. 🎶 Good music. Music enters our ears and speaks to our soul. Give your soul something good to hear.🖌Creativity, in any form! Writing poetry is my jam. But I love to draw, color, paint. You may like to keep a journal at this time. Anything to bring out your inner child. 💃 Physical activity! Some run, others dance. I like to practice yoga. But even a nice walk is getting you out in the sun. POD Casts! YouTube has become my friend. So many good ones out there for free! I love Oprah’s Soulful Sundays. Or Steven Furtick w/ Elevation Church. My save all during this time has been an email I get every morning from @thegoldensecrets / @jessegolden Sign up Today! So much good content, motivation, music, free workout links, positive affirmations, knowledge to soak up. Just to name a few of my outlets. Be Well

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