Are We Meant to Be?

Hey!! "Are We Meant to Be?" - My official welcome that identifies my ideal client, gives details about my upbringing, my definition of coaching, my journey on how I found Tony Gaskins, and the content that I will blog about weekly.


In this world, the one thing I know you have is options.

Options to choose what you want and need may have very well lead you to So, I’d like to first say I’m appreciative that you would consider me as your life coach. At the end of a night in December of 2019, Tony’s “Close Yo Legs” video came across my YouTube feed, as a suggested video for me to view. I did so, and realized I had seen it the previous month and I wanted save his channel to view other videos later. But, I hadn’t, so I did that night. From there I found myself on a “Tony Gaskins Binge” which took my focus and life plans into a totally different direction that I had never imagined I would go. So, you could say Tony’s YouTube content altered my ideas on what is possible in life.

As a young lady who grew up in a strict biblical household, I did not date early in life. (And I say biblical because as you know people can identify with a particular domination or religion, but not even try to live those principles daily.) However, my mom was drop dead serious about her children not repeating the mistakes she made. She did her best to spare me the hard knock lessons she went through and that I was seeing so many of my allies’ experience as teens. But, along the way, I realized the confusion, disappointments, and failures in my dating journey were things that many young ladies are still going through as older adults and they are seriously seeking answers they need to address their concerns as they balance motherhood, career options, and marriage.

So, my target audience is single, busy, young (21 to 35) minority women raised in a single parent household who have limited dating experience that live in the United States; yet are interested in minimizing their stress and frustration as they seek a principle minded man to do life with. In other words, young women who know that love and relationships take work and are committed to the process of mastering being Ms. so that they’re sure of what they want and need as Mrs. because as you know, if you notice a pattern that keeps occurring in your life, the common denominator is you.

The most successful and fulfilled people know and realize that self-evaluation is important and necessary for achieving next level growth. And growing to another level often requires a shift in attitude and or mindset. Yes, it’s uncomfortable at times, but the cost is well worth it. Because your goal is to have positive results in your life and to get the results you desire, I assure you that the most critical component is knowing that you know you for a fact, no ifs, ands, or doubts about it. Okay!

Now, in my opinion, coaching is the ability to listen to understand what is going on, why is it going on, and what processes, actions, knowledge, and skills are needed to change the unwanted, negative, destructive, and or wasteful habits, decisions, mindset, and lifestyle that has lead the individual to the place he or she currently finds him or herself, so that I may give that person a how to guide to go into a different direction that leads to purposeful positivity, productivity, and peace.

While I haven’t set a time of day just yet, I do intend updating my blog weekly on Saturdays. I will speak on relationships, dating, and general life topics such as setbacks, mindset, health choices, and even simple did you know things I learn in my day to day life. You are also more than welcome to suggest topics of concern or interest by sending an email to I look forward to your feedback and helping you achieve your goals as I also work towards achieving mine.

Again, welcome and be blessed!

~Exalted Royalty~ A C.E. SAM COMPANY~

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