Are You A Basic Chick?

Most women think they are different than any other woman the guy has dated, but sadly, most women are not different.  Many fall in the category of basic. A basic chick is defined as a shallow, superficial, girl that is ordinary. She is not a trendsetter, yet she follows and changes with the trend. She has the high school girl mentality. So the question is, “Are you a basic chick?”


1. Are you a woman prefers a guy with money (even if it’s through illicit means) just to have financial security? If so, then you may be a basic chick.

2. Do you have your hand out, treating your man like your daddy? Do you expect him to pay your rent, fix your car, help with your children, give you cash to get your nails and hair done? Do you nag him about money or buying you “the finer things in life?” If so, you may be a basic chick.

3. Do you take pictures of you and your man for Instagram and other social media for clout, but make no real effort to have a healthy relationship? If you answered yes or couldn’t deny, then you may be a basic chick.

4. Are you okay being a baby mama or side chick as long as you get your money, clout, or designer clothes, bags, and shoes? If yes, then you are probably superficial and basic.

5. Are you okay with being with a guy who does disappearing acts (ghosting you) as long as you are not single? If this is your situation, then you could be a basic chick.

6. Do you ignore the fact that a man has good character, integrity and is decent looking, because he does not dress like money, look gorgeous, or not tall as you like? Basic chick!

7. Does your looks (hair, nails, fashion) or your man takes priority over your children, your bills, or your well-being? You are most likely a desperate and shallow, basic chick!

8. Do you hope that a man will mysteriously come in your life and sweep you off your feet and take care of you financially no matter the cost? Or maybe you break out in hives if a man who makes less than 6 or 7 figures comes your way. You are most likely basic.


If you realized that you are basic, superficial, and shallow then you should make a change. Wanting a man who can provide is not wrong. However, letting financial security take precedence over character, integrity, ambition, and emotional security, makes you like most mainstream women today. Therefore, you may not be as different as you’ve initially thought. 

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