Are You About to Do a Thing?

Are You About to Do a Thing? is my blog post speaking on calling. And if you recognize and are willing to embrace your calling to reach others with the gift you have that can help them change their life for the better. “Sometimes in life you have to be willing to do a thing that no one understands and sometimes that it seems no one will support, especially when that thing is the thing that God has called you to do.” ~Coach Sam

I know some are atheists and some believe in other religions and I respect your position. However, if you are reading my blogs weekly, you know that I’m a believer of the Christian faith. And while I understand everyone has a right to believe how they feel, my mission isn’t to force my viewpoint on people who aren’t interested in hearing my thoughts.

To me, it’s like this, we all have uncertainties and things we struggle with or at and that makes us human. The thing is in life we must figure out the thing that God has called us to do. Yes, God calls us to do something on this Earth that no one else can and in a way that no one else can. And my mom said you know you’re going to repeal and alienate a lot of people because they don’t want to hear about Jesus.

And I told her, I know mom, but I chose the name Exalted Royalty for my business because the point is God created us in His image. He is the King of Kings and as His beloved children that makes us royalty. That’s how I view the people that I’m called to served and I know that I’m not called to serve everyone. Not that those people aren’t worthy or worth my time, but I cannot reach the world.

That’s why God has others who have other gifts and different perspectives and different approaches. So, I cannot consume myself with trying to present my message to those I’m not called to and forsake the ones I am supposed to help. You see, when you are about to do a thing, your thing, you must know that you will not draw everyone.

You don’t see Christian Louboutin trying to be Keds. Yes, they both specialize in shoes, but you clearly know they’re different organizations trying to reach different customers by their designs, styles, and price points. You don’t see FUBU trying to be Motherhood Maternity. Yes, they are both clothing companies and want to appeal to their customers, but they don’t specialize in attracting the same target audience.

You don’t see Michelin Star Chefs like Anne-Sophie and Thomas Keller trying to offer fast food meals like Taco Bell or Subway. No shade to Taco Bell or the Subway organization, I eat at them both, in fact, you could sign me up right now for some cinnatwist and the Turkey Cali Fresh. The point is yes, the chefs I mentioned serve food just as the fast-food chains do.

But there’s no way you could walk into their upscale restaurants and expect the same menu offerings you would get at a fast-food organization. (On a side note, if you too feeling like Subway right now, I saw on the www that they’re advertising 15% any foot-long… So go get it before it’s gone now…) Now like I was saying – my question to you is are you about to do a thing?

And to be specific are you about to do your thing that you God has called you to do? If not, what are you waiting for? Because the gift you have is yours to use to reach others and if you’re not using it then the people you can reach aren’t hearing from you. Your impact is in every life you touch and improve for the better. And you have the authority to do so.

Yes, it will be uncomfortable. I’m here to tell you it will. It will be challenging too. And sometimes you’ll wonder if you are making a difference. That’s part of you doing your thing. That’s part you accepting that your thing is going to stretch you and test you. So, I want to encourage you to understand the complexities in whatever your thing is.

Because as you use your gift the more you will evolve and grow and the more you will see how what you do does matter and is making a difference. Even though you may not see it right away and people in your inner circle may not tell you so, pursue it, develop it, and embrace the changes it brings into your life. If you’re wondering what your thing is may I suggest to you that you have a little talk with the King about it.

He knows your beginning from your end. In fact, His word declares He knew you before He created you (Jeremiah 1:5) and He said everything He made He made good (1 Timothy 4:4). So, I have no doubt you have a purpose for being on this Earth and I encourage you to walk in it with confidence no matter how unpopular or different it may be. May God bless you and keep you.

“Sometimes in life you have to be willing to do a thing that no one understands and sometimes that it seems no one will support, especially when that thing is the thing that God has called you to do.” ~Coach Sam


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