Are You Counting The Costs?

This question has been stuck in my mind for a few days. It is something that I must think about because it just has not gone away. Usually, when a thought comes to mind, it goes away in a few seconds if it’s not of importance. Needless to say, I must face the question and so should you.

Are you really thinking about your decisions that you make on a daily basis? Are you doing things that are detrimental to growth or are you doing things that are allowing you to reach your goals and aspirations? To put it simply, how are you spending your time?

I can think of tons of things that I do on a regular basis that wastes time and energy such as watching useless tv shows or aimlessly searching the internet. If I truly think about it, I know that thousands of wasted hours can be used on more important things such as playing with my daughter or having meaningful and healthy conversations with my wife.

We may not want to think about this now, but there will come a day that we will wish we could do things differently and spend time on important things and not waste time on useless activities. So this week, I would like for each and every one of you to put your time in perspective and start using it on things that matter.

REFLECTION: Name something that you do that is wasting your time, then find a way to get rid of it.

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