Are You Creating Unhealthy Soul Ties?

"Are You Creating Unhealthy Soul Ties?" - Today, in my topic of discussion for this blog post, I define what a soul-tie is and how the creation of unhealthy soul-ties can happen and negatively impact our lives. ~It is in self-improvement that you embrace a more healthy, mindful, confident, and productive you, go for it~ Coach Sam

If you are reading this and you have never heard of a soul tie, you are probably wondering what it is, how do you create it, and how can it be unhealthy.

What It Is?

Whether or not you are spiritual, or have a spiritual belief system, you do have a spirit man. I personally identify as a Christian, and believe in Jesus – For those of you who don’t, know this, there are times that you feel an indescribable feeling that you probably call a hunch, luck, instinct, or likely even intuition. As humans, we all have experienced a time that we said I should have followed my first mind, and not… Or said, I knew that was going to happen, I should have…

And the list goes on, the point that I am making is that we all have in us a sense that though not one of the major senses – sight, touch, hearing, smell, or taste that if we learn to listen to our inner voice, it would greatly save us from much of the hurt, heartache, delays, and disappointment we go through in our professional and personal lives. Because soul-ties can be both physical and emotional depending on how you form it and with who you form it with.

Now, you may say how does that factor into describing what a soul tie is. Simply put, a soul tie is a bond, a feeling, a pull that ties you, connects you, or draws you to somebody or something. You can’t physically see the soul-tie itself. Yet, you most definitely can feel it. When you feel it, it’s unmistakable, if you know what it is. If you have a spiritual relationship with God, you may even say, you have discerned it in your hearing, despite the sound being inaudible.

How Do You Create It?

If you are already familiar with what a soul tie is, do you know that you can create a soul tie with someone who you have not been intimate with and it can be one sided? Yes, intimacy does bond us. However, did you know you can build intimacy simply by sharing a large amount of time with someone, whether in person, or not? If you regularly communicate with someone, you are building a soul tie with him or her. That also means that we can create a soul tie with our pets.

That’s right, you can bond with your pet in such a way, that you have a very strong and emotional bond. Meaning, you can actually grieve the passing of your pet, much like you grieve the passing of a human you knew and loved. If you have experienced the grieving of a pet, and you recognize you had the same, or similar experience, as if you had lost a person, you most likely had a soul tie with your pet. Likewise, you can grow attached to certain places.

As we can also create soul ties due to our proximity, life experiences, and perceptions. Our proximity is our closeness to a thing, our life experiences is what we have lived through, and our perceptions is how we view ourselves, others, and our thoughts on the view of our environment and the world at large. For example, I have allies who will drive on specific streets, since they associate those streets with positive childhood experiences, despite not needing to go in that direction.

How Can It Be Unhealthy?

First, if you skipped the section above, let me state, again, it is not always unhealthy. So, don’t think a soul tie is something that you must fear, or as something that always has only a negative connotation, because it can be something positive. However, for my blog, I am focusing on how it can be unhealthy because, what I noticed in my day-to-day interactions with others is that there are many people suffering from physical soul ties, in an unhealthy manner, in two ways.

One: Lack of peace – Have you ever experienced emotional restlessness, loss of appetite, unchecked anger or uncontrollable sadness, depression, unexplainable stomach aches or headaches that won’t go away? Two: Lack of clarity – Have you ever experienced indecisiveness, confusion, anxiety, frustration, overwhelming stress, mental fatigue, or so over analytical you’re paralyzed by fear on how to respond?

If so, all of these can be consequences of an unhealthy soul-tie, especially if you’ve had a breakup, loss, or divorce. What you need to know is that there are many types of soul-ties. Yet, if they are unhealthy, whether physical, emotional, professional, or personal, you will experience some of the fore mentioned things and in some cases all of them. So, what should you do if you have an unhealthy soul-tie? First, don’t panic, most if not all of us have, or will experience an unhealthy soul-tie. I recommend you work on the state of your mind, and emotions by taking a soul-ties course by someone like Tony Gaskins or R.C. Blakes.

P.S. If you simply don’t have any money set aside to invest in yourself, you can always seek out free resources online, or at your local libraries. If you’re still at a lost, contact me and remember…

~It is in self-improvement that you embrace a more healthy, mindful, confident, and productive you, go for it~ Coach Sam

~Exalted Royalty~ A C. E. SAM COMPANY~

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