Are You Doing the Work?

Today's blog post, Are You Doing the Work? is a continuation from last week's topic. However, today I give you a practical approach to determine if you're focusing more on building the outer you more than the inner you. ~If you say you want God’s will and plan for your life, then you must choose to commit to implementing the daily principles and practices to make it possible, otherwise it won't be so.~ Coach Sam

Have you ever been at school or remember a time when you were at school when your teacher gave you something to do and you really did not want to do the assignment? Or maybe you have children of your own and now they bring home homework and you have to fuss at them to do the homework.


Because they really just do not want to do the homework. Today that’s the question that I’m asking us. Are we doing the work? So today’s activity is called Check Me Out Within? Now as you know yes you need your paper you need your pen but I also am going to put the PDF the low so if you want to you can just print it out and do the worksheet yourself that way for those of you who have your paper and you have your pin, let’s go.


Make you two columns this time from top to bottom.



Shoulders on Down

Hands and Feet

Shoe Game


Outer ?

Reading the Bible/Studying the Word


Speaking Affirmations

Mindset Strengthening

Journaling Your Thoughts/Life Reflections


Within ?


On the left side you’re going to put your hair and your head.


That’s the first thing that you’re going to put and in essence what we’re doing with this activity is we’re breaking down the amount of time that we’re spending on these things. As it relates to your hair and your head because some of you may have shaved off all your hair.


So, you don’t have any hair to maintain, so maybe you’re just wrapping up your head. How much time is it taking out of your daily routine? The same thing goes for your face as relates to your facial routine – your cleansing, your lashes, your eyebrows, and maybe your lip person too.


So, you have to have your lipstick – how much time is your facial routine taking up out of your day? What about the shoulders on down? When you think about showering and taking your bubble baths or maybe you like lotions and oils.


And you know you got to have your wardrobe right. How much time is it taking out of your day? Think about it. Because some of us we have tons of clothes, translation – we have lots of options. And sometimes when you have a lot of options it can take you a lot longer because you have so many decisions that you could make that you just not sure about.


So depending on where you going you may say well I need to really put more thought in this, but on average how long is that taking you on a daily basis? The same thing goes for your hands and your feet. I’m a nails person. I have my nails done. I painted them myself. But still that took up time. And if you’re a foot person, you may like to go and get manicures weekly or every two weeks.


How much time is that taking up out of your day? Now of course you’re not going to be doing your hands and feet everyday but maybe you’re applying lotion to them or oiling them every day. Lastly on this side, we have our shoe game.


Again, just like some of us love to make sure our lips are right, love to make sure our lashes are right, or love to make sure our are nails right – some of us love our shoes. Okay, we have a shoe collection out of this world. So, when it comes to putting on a pair of shoes, we have options, we have choices. So how long is it taking you to make a decision on what shoes you’re going to put on your feet?


Now once you have all those things written down – how much time that’s taking up out of your day make sure you calculate the minutes. If it comes up to more than an hour calculate Put it down there. Maybe it took an hour and 15 minutes? I don’t know, but you know. So get that number and then we’re going to move to the other side of the board.


And we’re going to talk about some things that you should be doing that’s going to build you up with thin okay and this is where I primarily focused and targeted last week.


As it relates to the Bible and studying the word of God? Are you doing that daily? If so how much time are you spending on it? Prayer and meditation – are you praying? Are you meditating?

If so, do you regularly and consistently do so on a daily bases? Right down the amount of time that it’s taking out of your day. Speaking affirmations – now typically when I have my board out, we’re doing an activity where there’s affirmations in it.


So, we know the affirmations are positive things that we say to our self and we speak over ourselves. Basically building ourselves up speaking positivity in life and over our life. If so, are you doing that on a regular basis? If so, put it down on your paper. So go ahead and put that down.


Mindset strengthening – now you may not call what you do mindset strengthening but in essence when I say mindset straight strengthening what I’m saying is do you spend time regularly with yourself making sure that you are okay emotionally and mentally?


Or are you just so quick to just give everybody else what they need and provide for them, what they need, when they need it that you’re not taking the time to check in on you – how you’re feeling and how you’re doing mentally and emotionally?


Go ahead and write down how much time you’re investing to that each and every day.


And lastly journaling your thoughts and life reflections. Some of us, we’re big on writing. I love to write. So writing is easy for me and comes naturally to me. In fact, right now my e-book Recognize Him: Is He Dating YOU For Commitment? is available for pre-order on Amazon.

However, some of us – we do not like to write. We did not like writing when we had to and now that we’re grown, we’re definitely not about to waste time writing. At least that’s how we see it.


But in either case, you write down on your sheet of paper how much time you’re spending – how much time you’re invested into journaling your thoughts and just reflecting on life? Where you are, where you want to go, and what you want to do, and how you see things going.


Now once you get through with that then go ahead and just like you did on the other side tally this side up.  


Did you come up with 30 minutes? Did you come up with an hour and 30 minutes? Two hours? Exactly how much time are you spending to do those things Now the end result of this is that you should be able to see if you’re spending more time on the outside versus more time on the inside.


Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with building up the outside – making sure you look good on the outside. You should do that and there’s value in that. Of course, you want to look good and when you look good you feel good.


But at the same time what’s going on inside of you is really what matters the most or I should say is most critical and crucial to your life. Because inside, those inside things that’s I said before we need to focusing on building that up because our thoughts take center stage in our life.


And if we’re not taking the time to really invest in building us up on the inside, then we’ll be looking all good on the outside, but we’ll have nothing of substance on the inside.


~If you say you want God’s will and plan for your life, then you must choose to commit to implementing the daily principles and practices to make it possible, otherwise it won’t be so.~ Coach Sam



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