Are YOU Fit to Lead?

As a leader who focuses on serving individuals objectively and with integrity, today's blog post directly addresses the importance of the mindset and character traits a leader needs to successfully and appropriately manage the complexity of being in charge. ~You can have the title of a leader all you want; however, it is your ability to serve ALL those you have the responsibility to steward with integrity, dignity, and thoughtfulness of their highest well-being that makes you a leader! ~ Coach Sam

Are you someone who desires to have a position of authority or a role in leadership? Do you want to be the person everyone looks to in a time of crisis? Do you believe you have what it takes to be calm under pressure? Or have you already had a position as a supervisor or manager to others? If so, how did you do? – Not by your own metrics, but by those you served? Do you even know? Often employees state that their management is toxic or lacks the ability to lead. And outside of low wages, employees list poor leadership at the top of the list of their dissatisfaction with their place of employment or why they leave seeking better opportunities.

Meaning it is easy to neglect the responsibility that comes with leadership. And since It is not easy being a leader, it is easy to completely overlook the fact you’re not a good leader. Being a leader requires an attitude and mindset that focuses on the person or people you work with, serve, or have a relationship with. Yes, I said serve. Because as a leader you are a servant. You serve people by leading them or doing your best to lead them in the day-to-day operations of business or on a personal note in some of your relationships. That’s why as a leader you must think of the best possible situation and outcome for them and how your choices will impact them – because they do.

The quality of your decisions impacts everyone you have a responsibility to steward over or on their behalf. You don’t have to want this or even like this. However, that is the reality you must accept as a leader. Yes, at times it is stressful and time consuming trying to consider the best course of action; still if you are fortunate enough to be a leader, you can and must be a leader who recognizes the choices you make can build greatness or cause utter destruction. No, you will not be able to control every aspect of every situation, but as you well know trouble and adversity is part of life.

So, you can’t just throw your hands up and think or carryon as though anything goes. You also can’t just give in to how you feel because the way you feel should not be the priority. Besides you also have a responsibility to control the controllable and how you respond to situations, even unplanned and unfortunate situations, which includes your feelings. And you can’t lead anyone or anything if you yourself are not in control of your own emotions. Is this always easy? No, of course not. That’s why as a leader your mindset is critical. Good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative – before thoughts become actions, they’re in our mind.

So, before you do anything in life, professional or personal, you should evaluate your mindset. You should evaluate if you need to shift your mindset or if you need to take time to see the circumstances you face from a different perspective to see the bigger picture and aspects of the present situation you face. Doing so will give you additional time to think through your decisions in a way that is methodical and wise, which in turn will help you be more effective and efficient. For example, I know as a citizen of the United States, I have the right to protest peacefully, as you may have as well in your respectively country.

However, the attack on the United States capitol this past week was a disaster. And the protest was anything but peaceful. A mass of people planned to go to Washington D.C. That by itself required thoughts to become actions. And furthermore, once the group assembled in the city of Washington D.C. at their destination, someone lead the charge for the group to destroy the capitol and force their way in by any means necessary. The aftermath of the ridiculous behavior and atrocious rioting was the cause of 5 people being dead and among them is a 16-year-old. That did not have to happen. Therefore, the question is why did it happen?

Why did five people lose their life? Why did people climb the capitol and risk injuring themselves? Why did people refuse to think rationally about their choices? Now, if you voted for Trump or agree with the way he runs the office, you have every right to your voting selection and your feelings about his character as president. However, the election is over and constitutionally Congress can’t change the results. So, again, I ask why did people feel as though their actions to storm the capitol, go in offices, bring weapons, and carry-on the way they did was going to change the results? And what was going in the minds of the security staff who were socializing, instead of securing?

Where were the leaders of the security officers? How did these same “leaders” prepare for the BLM (Black Lives Movement) march in a way that deterred a violent attack on the capitol, yet failed to prepare for the president’s supporters? It all goes back to leadership and poor decision-making because as a leader directs, there will the direction of the organization go, as well the mindset and stability of the people within it. In closing, I challenge you to evaluate if you have what it takes to lead and if you are a leader to assess if your leadership is a leadership style that people speak of with disgust or high regard?

~You can have the title of a leader all you want; however, it is your ability to serve ALL those you have the responsibility to steward with integrity, dignity, and thoughtfulness of their highest well-being that makes you a leader! ~ Coach Sam

~Exalted Royalty~ A C. E. SAM COMPANY~

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