Your body will give you signs when you are doing too much, so pay attention to them.  The signs may be that you feel run down or get ill, or just feel a little overwhelmed.  Learn to listen to your body’s early warning system and see if you can take some time to rest. Allow yourself to recuperate before you get worse. For some people, the first sign of stress is a headache, or for others, it is fatigue or feeling emotional. You could get neck or back pains, digestion issues, or headaches.  These are a few of the personal signs. It would be worth it to know yours.


You may have got used to being busy, but let your body answer the question, “is this working for you?’ If it isn’t, what can you do that refuels you rather than depletes you?


It’s useful to check in with your stress levels regularly rather than keep on keeping on.  Then you can tweak your days accordingly.  Checking in and slowing down, stop daily stress from turning into mind and body stress. When you check-in, think about these questions:


-Am I allowing myself to be the priority?

-Am I getting any joy in life or out of this current project? 

-When was the last time I laughed from my belly?

-Is the feeling of being overwhelmed too much? 

-Is my glass half empty or full to the brim – or is it at least more full than empty?

-How do I feel physically? 

-Am I doing too much? If so, how could I do less?


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