Are You Loving Yourself?

"Are You Loving Yourself?" is my blog post speaking about us taking the time to focus on making what we need something we provide. ~Sometimes we can focus and fixation on looking outward to have that which we should first provide to ourselves~ Coach Sam

Well, the holiday season is upon us and in full swing and with that said many of us are shopping for those we love, while some of us are wishing we had someone to love shopping for us. So, I stopped in to let you know that whether you do or don’t have someone shopping for you, someone loves you. His name is Jesus and He gave you the best gift money can’t buy and people can’t take!

Yes, some overlook the purpose of the holidays, in particular Christmas and the deals and constant advertising of the best deals doesn’t help. And we’ve all heard it’s the thought that counts, but the question is do you believe that? If so, do you live it? If not, I want you to realize that the most important person you need to love you, is you.

That’s right! It’s you ladies and gentleman. Queens and Kings please know that if you’re empty inside and just looking, searching, and hoping someone comes along to love you, you’re seeking out something you need to first give to yourself and understand that God is willing and waiting to build and have a relationship with you.

You see too often we are looking to something or someone on this Earth to provide or give us love and the reality we’re not facing is that something inside tells us that we’re not good enough, that we’re not worthy, and that we must settle for whatever person comes along and shows us affection or whatever thrill we can buy over the counter or sometimes from an illegal supplier.

And this sad reality is why too many of us end up in toxic relationships and sometimes married to people who don’t have our best interest at heart or living life feeling depressed and hopeless. Though we can sometimes grit our teeth and act as though we’re happy and content the reality is each day being an unfilled relationship is destroying our self-confidence and self-worth inside. And each day we seek out something to fill the void we lack we end up with more lack instead.

However, the great news is we can change that pattern of behavior and decide to start by loving our-self and to do that you must evaluate your habits, evaluate your people, and evaluate your mindset.

Evaluate Your Habits

Self-reflection can be painful. Sometimes we know we need to do it, yet, we choose not to. And you know what, failing to take the time to self-reflect on your life doesn’t help you get the results that you want. No sir, no ma’am, instead it further delays any progress you could make and could have because you refuse to look at your current reality to see what changes you can make to improve your life now.

Evaluate Your People

Yep! I said your people. It’s like this, if they’re in your life they’re your people. The people who you interact with. The people who you feel comfortable with. The people who give you input and share their thoughts and opinions about what’s going on in your life. And the thing about people is they all have energy. So, if their energy is draining you that’s a problem and you must decide to eliminate, avoid, and minimize the time you spend with them. Because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself looking at your life and not loving it or your surroundings.

Evaluate Your Mindset

While sometimes it’s easier say than done, you can and you must get it done. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself physically and mentally weighed down. And the fact is that stress can send you to an early grave and no one wants that. It’s not ideal, you know. So that means you must also consider how you think and why you think the way you think. After all, we all know that love is an action. Therefore, we all know it’s something that we do. And since that’s the case the foundation of love starts in our mind because before we do anything, we think it, even if it’s subconscious our mind is always at work.

So, my call to action to you this holiday season is to put your name on your Christmas list, if you haven’t already done so. Translation, remember if you’re not here you can’t do anything for anyone and anyone who loves you will tell you what’s in your best interest is to first love the person you see in the mirror.

Now, of course you still need to take care of the other priorities you have in your life. But you cannot give what you do not have, so seek your highest good in all things and right now is a wonderful time to start. And for those of you who need one on one support help is available at

~Sometimes we can focus and fixation on looking outward to have that which we should first provide to ourselves~ Coach Sam


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