Are You Paying Attention to Your Own Problems?

Today's blog post "Are You Paying Attention to Your Own Problems? was inspired by people in my neighborhood. You see it's easy to get caught up with someone else's life wondering if they're watching you or even thinking about you, but the fact of the matter is even if they were there's nothing you could do about it and your mindset should be so focused on what you need to do that you can dismiss distractions and wasting your time investing in things, people, and places that return you nothing for doing so. ~If you’re not paying attention to what’s happening at your own house for looking at your neighbor’s or a strange you don't know, you could have an internal fire and not know it.~ Coach Sam

You know sometimes we can think that it’s best to spend life trying to figure out other people and understand what they have going on, but doing so causes us to fail in living our life in a purposeful way and in the process, it causes these three things:

A Loss of Time

I know you know that each day has 24 hours, yet, the true question is are you maximizing that time in your own life to solve and resolve your own problems? Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to help others or see if your life aligns with someone else’s for the sake of business. Still, there comes a point in time where if you’re living your life focused on the life of others that you’re truly wasting your time.

Time that you could be spending make moves to better and advance your life end up turning into years of time that you can’t get back and nothing to show for the time you’ve invested. And please know that continuing to live life as an outsider looking in knit picking or trying to determine if someone else has issues is an investment. Not a wise one, but an investment none the less.

It’s like this, if you’re going to expend so much energy on something why not get a return on it? In other words, why not put your energy into something that truly matters? Because in the end what does it profit you to spend your days and nights focused on the problems of others when you’re not doing any work in your own life? You can’t help them when you can’t even see your own faults.

A Worrisome Spirit

That further leads to a worrisome spirit. And life will bring trouble and problems to your front door all on its own. So, it makes no sense to seek out doing something that’s going to keep you worried.

It’s like playing with fire, but then hoping and wishing that you never burn yourself from doing so or like going to the pool to swim, yet knowing that you don’t have a clue on what to do to swim, but saying I hope I don’t drown. Reading those examples, you may say no one does that. Well, maybe not literally, but people do engage in this type of behavior and if you’re wondering if you do then may I suggest that you take a moment to take inventory of what you think about?

Now, if the only thoughts that come to your mind is thoughts about others, and what they are or are not doing then that’s a clear indicator that your focus is misfocused. So, I highly caution you to stop and think about the cost of how having a misfocused mindset is affecting your time and your life. Because misfocusing your emotions on people and situations that are out of your control and that you have no willingness to want to resolve is to have a lack of emotional intelligence.

A Life of Comparison

I know that may not be something you care to hear, in particularly if you find yourself metaling and busy being a busy body wondering and worrying and talking about other people’s business and how they are or aren’t living their life, however, remember none of us see life exactly the same. People do what people do because they know what they know, they don’t know what they don’t know, and they feel how they feel.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the way it is. So, you won’t ever see life through the lens of someone else as they do as you’re not them. That’s why it’s unrealistic to live your life comparing it to yours. And essential that’s what you’re doing if you consume your mental state with them and their choices. You’re allowing one thought to become two, and two to become three, and before you know it because you didn’t control your thoughts, your thoughts are controlling you.

As a result, you’ve got so much going on in head about the possibilities of an unknown reality that doesn’t even exist. And as crazy as that sounds when you’re comparing your life to someone else’s you’re comparing your ideas about what you believe to be true about their life as it relates to yours, which you should not be doing when you’re you and they’re them.

So, what should you do if you having problems paying attention to your own problems? Simply put, focus on you by remembering that life is not meant nor can you live life purposefully by watching, talking about, admiring or envying others, you’re only purposefully living when you focus and consistently put in daily actions to do and be a better version of you. And guess what? There’s no time like the present. So, get a move on it now, if you’re not already.

~If you’re not paying attention to what’s happening at your own house for looking at your neighbor’s or a strange you don’t know, you could have an internal fire and not know it.~ Coach Sam


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