Are You Ready?

We do not get ready, we merely decide that we are ready.


We do not get ready, we merely decide that we are ready.

Are you someone who moves with hesitancy whenever it comes time to make an important decision? I certainly was. There was a time in my life when, as soon as the inspiration to make a change hit me, it was quickly followed by doubt. Except I wasn’t calling it doubt. I called it caution. I thought that I was being cautious by researching as much information as I possibly could beforehand, by making sure that every circumstance in my personal life was dealt with, and waiting until the best possible moment to act. But that wasn’t caution talking, it was fear.

The truth is, I was never going to be fully prepared, not by the fear-based, unrealistic standards that I was setting. No one will ever know everything about anything, circumstances will probably not be ideal, and the perfect moment is a just a figment of our imaginations. And opportunity and inspiration does not care. They will not wait for you to “get ready” and do not circle back around when you decide that you’re ready to take the plunge. You are ready when you say you are. You can learn as you go. You can improve as you learn. Don’t be so fixated on the fantasy of perfection that you fail to take advantage of real opportunities. Don’t be so afraid of doing the wrong thing that you do nothing at all. It’s time to leave your cocoon.

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