Are you ready for Love?

Self-Love is necessary for fulfilling your life's purpose, making healthy life choices for lifestyle as well as relationships. This blog focuses on the prerequisites for a relationship and how to make healthy choices to foster good emotional health.

I didn’t realize that I didn’t love myself the way that I should. It was experiencing a failed relationship that helped me to realize that, I wasn’t making a healthy choice in regards to sharing my time, energy and giving my heart to someone undeserving of my love. I wrote this blog with you in mind, if you have recently experienced a heartbreak that has resulting in you becoming stuck  or stagnate.

Loving yourself fully is a prerequisite before entering a relationship. It means doing the work to clearly define what you want, need and deserve in a relationship as well as the consequences if someone crosses the boundaries that you have defined. It means fully knowing who you are, along with your purpose in life and loving yourself. Taking the time to pursue things that you enjoy and heal from any past hurt or pain that would hinder you in a future relationship. Loving yourself enough to pray and seek the Lord for direction and clarity regarding your relationship choices and being bold enough to walk away when you know you are supposed to walk away. By doing this, you demonstrate a healthy self-love which ultimately prepares you to be ready to receive love from someone else. It also keeps you from settling with someone that’s not good for you. I would love to share with you more on the process that I completed to overcome my pain and proceed forward in my purpose by writing a book and becoming a life coach.

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