Are You Ready To Do The Work?

You must be so committed to your personal growth that you’ll stop making excuses and take full responsibility for your life and those things that need to be changed. 


You really are given those two choices in life. You’ll either decide to do the hard work and confront your demons or you’ll choose to keep on running from them. 


Believe it or not, both these scenarios take the same amount of energy, but one leads to peace and the other a place of misery. 


You won’t change overnight so get rid of that unrealistic expectation. You will see change as long as you do one small thing everyday that moves you closer to the person you want to become. 


In addition to this you must be willing to radically examine your ‘thought life’ and begin to separate fact from fiction. 


What thoughts are you consistently meditating upon and believing as truth, when in reality they could be absolute lies? This is the part of the journey that is one of the hardest because it’s easier for us to avoid these often painful memories. 


I know from personal experience and working with others that this is part of the process that CANNOT be skipped if you want freedom. You must be willing to examine your current beliefs, do some spiritual ‘weeding’ in your mind, change what you can, and radically accept what you can’t. 


Remember my friends, you can have PROGRESS or you can have EXCUSES, but you can’t have BOTH. 


What will you choose today?


If you have tried changing on your own but find yourself still falling back into old patterns, still emotionally stagnant, putting yourself last, feeling burned out & hopeless, I want to help.


Reach out to me so we can create your own personal action plan and get you on the path to living the life you truly want and not the one you’re currently settling for. 


Click the link if you’re ready. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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