Are You Stuck Because You Choose Be?

Today's blog post Are You Stuck Because You Choose Be? focuses on how to identify if you've chosen to be stuck and 3 things you can do about it. ~Sometimes it’s not that we don’t know that we’re stuck, sometimes it’s that we choose to continue doing things that keep us in a place of comfort despite knowing that comfort comes with a side of frustration and despair.~ Coach Sam

While you can enjoy being comfortable you can get to a place in your mindset that you ignore the frustration and despair that you’re going through due to your resistance to change. Now I’m not saying all change is good, but all change surely isn’t bad. So, you must look at each situation and determine if you’re helping or hurting yourself with the way you’re handling situations that you have the authority to control. And if you’re not sure if you’re enjoying comfort that’s not working in your best interest there are 3 things you should consider.

You Believe the Traditional Way Is the Only Way

When you believe the traditional way is the only way you believe that nothing should change. And I know many of us are big on tradition and keeping traditions going. However, if you find yourself continuing to uphold traditions, but don’t see any progress happening you must consider that your decision to do things the way they’ve always been done is creating a headache for you. Because the harsh reality is sometimes to get to a different place tradition must go because are some places and situations that call for a different approach.

You Refuse to Accept or Learn a New Way

There’s nothing wrong with a different approach. But, some of us feel that there’s no need to learn a new way. In fact, some of us believe that if we accept learning a new way that we’re giving up on what we said we would do, or that we’ve lost site of what’s important. And that’s simply not true, when you think about some of the devices and tools you use today, someone thought them up and for their creations to become reality they tried and tested them out many times, in different ways, to get the best results for the best user experience.

You Think Everyone Else Is Always Wrong about Your Approach

Granted sometimes people are wrong about a situation. But, understand that if you keep hearing that you’re wrong, yet keep thinking that it’s everyone else that’s wrong, I’m here to tell you that more likely than not that’s not the case. Think of it like this – who’s perfect? No one, right? So, if everyone else is always wrong about your approach on everything, well that makes you perfect. And we know that no perfect people exist. Sometimes it’s just hard for us to accept that the person who is wrong is us. I know… Ouch, right? And you may not like it, but the thing is it’s going to happen to us all.

So, what should you do?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

First realize that if you’ve made up your mind to choose to be stuck, you can make up your mind to choose to get unstuck. Okay! It’s a choice you see and that choice is yours alone to make. This will cause you to shift your mindset about what’s possible for you and what you can do about what’s possible for you. Because as I’ve said before, I say again, reality is not reality, your perspective of reality is your reality. So, recognize how you’re looking at your situation and what you’ve told yourself about your situation.

Second, look at what about the situation is causing you to be stuck. Translation, identify why it is that you feel the way you feel. And do know there is a why. Whatever that why is you must be able to identify it. And you must be able to identify it so you can shift your perspective about it. You can’t change a thing that you don’t recognize. So, it’s critical that you’re honest with yourself and address the root cause that has you content to be stuck poolside looking around helpless, instead of enjoying being in the pool relaxing.

Third, after you’ve identified your why go to work taking small daily action steps to change it. Because the fact is the longer you’ve lived the more likely you’ve chose to be stuck. And that’s okay. The key is to recognize that those choices each serve as lessons and that they taught you something valuable that you can build on to make your future better. Write them down if you need to and use them as a guide to help keep track of what you’ve learned and how you can avoid those limiting thoughts make you accept and sign up to be stuck in comfort that caused you to pay a cost that’s truly not worth it ever again.

~Sometimes it’s not that we don’t know that we’re stuck, sometimes it’s that we choose to continue doing things that keep us in a place of comfort despite knowing that comfort comes with a side of frustration and despair. ~ Coach Sam


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