Are You Unintentionally Making Yourself Sick?

"Are You Unintentionally Making Yourself Sick?" speaks directly about how we can unintentionally be the cause of our health failing by disregarding or seeing our caffeine choices we make as irrelevant. ~Energy is something we all need, but getting energy that devastates your life or your health is toxic. ~ Coach Sam

It’s early in the morning and you need your coffee or hot tea fix. Or maybe it’s mid-afternoon or late at night you opt for an energy drink instead.

Well, no matter if it’s day or night, do you realize that while you need energy to move and handle the events you have scheduled that you can overdo it by consuming too much caffeine?

And while some of you may say of course, for those of you who don’t give much thought to how much caffeine your consuming, I encourage you to become a label reader.

Yes, I know you’re busy and so am I. I know you have things to do and places you need to be, and so do I. Yet, I’m still encouraging you to pause and think about the importance of knowing what you’re consuming.

You have one life and one body that must last you a lifetime and consuming caffeine in an excessive amount can cause you several health problems.

No, you may not feel it immediately or even in a month or two, but year after year of consuming too much caffeine can cause fatal results. So, be aware of the recommended daily amount of caffeine you need.

Now, since I am NOT a doctor, I will not get into statistics and specific numbers here. However, I will mention the article written by Gabby Landsverk that inspired me to write this post, “A 21-Year-Old Man Who Drank 4 Energy Drinks A Day Was Hospitalized with Heart and Kidney Failure”.

So, attention young people, in particularly collegiate students, I know that you have:

·                  deadlines for assignments

·                  projects that are due

·                  tests that you must study for to pass when you take them

·                  a supervisor that calls you in or asks can you work additional hours

·                 friends and family calling with their problems

·                 and several other additional responsibilities and stressors that are demanding your time and energy

But please, remember you cannot get anything done, if your body shuts down on you.

It’s no fun being in the hospital or having your organs fail simply because you made choices to consume an excessive amount of caffeine to stay awake.

Below is additional information and resources that speak on caffeine consumption. Feel free to read and share them to help yourself and others become more knowledgeable about the sources of caffeine and not just its short term, but its long-term impact on overall health.

~Energy is something we all need, but getting energy that devastates your life or your health is toxic. ~Coach Sam


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