Are You Wasting Time and Disrupting Business?

Today's blog post "Are You Wasting Time and Disrupting Business" is inspired by what I call "Salon Talks". I call it that because what I discovered while being at the salon is even those in business can struggle with time management and sometime their struggle is due to the lack of timeliness of their customers, which all goes back to our mindset on how we see and value time. ~You cannot allow people to impose their need and desire for convenience on you at the expense of you~ Coach Sam

The number of people in our life can be a two-edge sword, if we’re not evaluating those people and the impact they have on our time. And that doesn’t mean that we need to cut them out of our life, but we do need to make it known that we won’t tolerate them seeing us as a 24-hour convenient store just open, ready, and available to service them when they feel and get ready to come through or drop by, especially in business.

If you are running a business or have clients you work with as a professional, then you must inform people the very first time they do so. I know you may say well everybody needs compassion and do know you can still have compassion and let people know that you are operating a business, especially if you are a solopreneur.

It’s hard enough being everything in your business and making sure everything that you get everything done, then to have others come along and think that all you must do is stand still and wait on them. No ma’am no sir, you don’t and shouldn’t. Because you’ll look up and find one day of waste turns into another and another and before long, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated with unnecessary setbacks.

And I say unnecessary because you as a business owner and you as a working professional have the power to control your time. Boundary is the word. Yes, even in business you must have boundaries that you establish and then enforce because much like rules, boundaries mean nothing if you don’t put them into action.

The people you work with or for must know if their actions, attitudes, and mindset are outside of your acceptable boundaries and have the potential to disrupt your business, you will not allow that to become an acceptable habit. For example, if you have a client that tells you they have a need for your services, but then they never confirm their appointment, even after you contact him or her to follow up, then the next response should be to inform them that your time to get a response back is not unlimited, especially if you’re in a time-based business, where time is money.

In fact, I’d recommend telling the person up front if you don’t confirm by a specific time, you will no longer have the option available to you. Yes, I know it may sound unfriendly or harsh, but remember the best customer service is timely. And just like customers don’t like waiting in the store in long lines or being at a restaurant waiting for the server to come with their order for a long time, you must realize the time you’re losing if your customers and clients make a habit of keeping you waiting, especially if they actually never respond back or become a no call, no show.

That is a disruption to your business and your ability to make your business bottom line profitable. And if you keep this up your business won’t thrive and a business that can’t thrive becomes business out of business. Okay! Let’s be real, you’re in business to be profitable and that doesn’t make you evil or greedy. Every company in operation today needs funds available to operate, including non-profit companies, they simply call them donations. And people donate their time, money, and resources to help keep non-profits in business.

Now, as a customer if you use services that are time-based think about your time and how frustrated you feel to be endlessly waiting on someone, even when you arrange to have something delivered to your house. Just think, the last time the delivery person took too long; did you give a tip? And how was your tone when you answered the door to accept and sign for your order? You see, time wasting and disruptions can be the customer’s fault due to their mindset on timeliness.

Whether you’re going to the salon or barber, to get your car serviced, or even using transportation services like your local transit or Uber. If you’re not ready or dragging your feet you’re wasting time. Their time and the people who are also in need of their services after you. Yes, you may never see them, but if they arrive and have to wait on you because you’re not ready, they can’t get that time back and neither can those coming behind them.

If you have an appointment set to bring your car in, but you stop off to go do something else that you know is going to make you late, the time the company waited for you to arrive, they can’t get that back and the same can be said for public transportation. Because I can’t tell you the number of times, I’ve observed people see the bus coming that clearly, they need because they’re waiting for it, but their mindset is like oh well, I’m at the bus stop.

Well, yeah, but you’re still sitting down, still smoking your cigarette, still on your cellphone, still have to dig and count money because you’re not ready to pay your fare, and the list goes on. So, the point is that as people we can so easily waste time and so frequently dismiss the impact, our willingness to waste time has on business, especially if it seems like everyone’s doing it, so it doesn’t matter, but it does.

And even if you know people who purposely waste time and keep others waiting, it doesn’t mean you to have to become what you see. Instead opt to be different and operate with integrity and respect because it’s disrespectful to intentionally waste people’s time, especially when you need or have asked for their service.

~You cannot allow people to impose their need and desire for convenience on you at the expense of you~ Coach Sam


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