All things Come Together For Good To Them That Love God, To Them Who Are Called According To His Purpose. -Romans 8:28

When we come together for the good of our lives.  Everybody wins.  The good.  The not so good.  The indifferent.  Each individual on the face of this earth come with a set of instructions built inside of them.  How do we get these instructions?  And what would we do with them?  Even if you cared enough to have the information!  You are, your whole.  You are, your perfect.  You are, your complete.   By the grace of God.

No one can do you better than you!  As a matter of fact, no one can do you better than you, period!  Make choices that can and will benefit your environment.  Create your own happiness.  Be at peace with your soul.  This beauty lurks inside of you.  Craving to get out. 

My experience has been challenging.  Sometimes very challenging.  Sometimes we think we are being our authentic selves, because we are living, how we are living.  Saying who we say we are.  When there is so much, so much more of us then we really even care to know, or even admit!

Why?  Because it is our own responsibility to get to know ourselves.  It means we would have to be willing participants in this getting to know who we really are.  Consistently working.  Working on ourselves daily.  To improve ourselves daily.

It takes time!  It will mean, you may have to have a lot of patience with yourself!  You are not going to change over night.  Even if you wanted too!  So, be patient with yourself.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Loving yourself completely.  And you don’t have to say a word, not one, not anything at all, to anyone. 

When you discover your work has been done.  Right before you know it, you will have become your authentic self!  Just keep in mind though, that as long as you are living, you will always have work on yourself to do, with higher and higher levels of consciousness.

I pray that you are following this information I share with you.  It is so divine.  Be still long enough to know thyself.  No big deal.  Leave all the distractions behind the closed door.

Once you open that door up again, you will receive a breath of fresh air!!!  Blessings!  Good Morning!  Good Afternoon!  Good Night!  To God be the glory.  Amen 

-Celestine R. Snell

A HEALING MOTIONS Production “2020”

Peace & Love


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