Asking the Hard questions

Strengthening your Confidence and Character

Well you’ve been exchanging texts and calls, even the occassional email and now it’s time for a meet-up. Next step is to take the date as a way of getting to know more about one another, the usual questions are fine such as ” how many times have he or she been successful with the current use of “dating apps”, how many children if any, most importantly ” are you married or most common are you separated?” 

Do you find yourself being hesitant with asking the questions you really need to have answers to? Have you ever considered “role play” to support gaining confidence in the ability to ask hard topic questions? 

With the current state of meeting people (due to pandemic) and opportunity of finding someone who peaks your interest enough to initiate a date or potential meet & greet for lunch, this is perfect timing to get the support of a Life Coach to strengthen your confidence and esteem in making sure you’re keeping standards for the next time he or she approaches.

Book your session now, I look forward to hearing from you in the coming days…Success is around the corner and happiness isn’t too far behind.

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