Authentic Freedom

Establishing a New way of Living

In making choices for your life it takes for you to be fully authentic in your self, being able to walk in your actions from words spoken. Be a person of your word, regardless of how people have perceived you to be.

Often times we take on personas to be that co-worker, boss or family member, it’s only to please the people surrounding us.  Question to ask yourself “who am I to my core, when no one is looking?”

Your authentic self doesn’t focus on what you have, what you do, or who you know also who you are to others. Authenticity relates to your true core, if you’re unhappy with whom you’re presenting to others then question remains ” Who are You?” 

Pick up a journal, jot down interests you have, feelings you gain when involved with events, joyful experiences you’ve considered, make note of things that would bring you happiness, regardless of what others think is best for you. Put more thought into your life than the life you’ve lived in the eye of people around you, those who aren’t living the life they continue to say they want for themselves.

Always remember that people may sway from you once you make that shift, judgements may be shared, loss of friends may occur, you may find you’ve opened yourself up to being more vulnerable, feelings may get hurt. These are the times you’ll realize ” I’m Coming Out!”- voice of Donna Summer.

Be proud of who you are, step out into your authentic self while gaining the freedom to be who you were destined to be, walk in purpose and acknowledge your passion for Life.


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