Bad connection

I have a question. Do you have an old cellphone that you really need to get rid of? I think we all had that problem, at least once. It may be an old model that won’t act right. It never downloads new apps, the pictures are terrible, it don’t have room for new data, you always loosing your memory, some of the buttons is always stuck and to make matters worse, you miss a few calls because the answer button is gone. But the icing on the cake is when you are on an important call with a possible business prospect, the call drops. Then you try to retrieve the call and was unsuccessful because you …. had a BAD CONNECTION.

So I ask. Who’s the bad connection in your life? It could be a friend, family member, co-worker, your BFF, your boys, your boss you always looking up to, sister, brother, mother or father. That person seem to always have an issue with everything and everybody. They blame everybody for their misfortune instead of looking in the mirror. They never have new ideas or goals. the Bible said a person without a vision will perish. Which means they are comfortable in their space. They always shoot down any idea or dream you may have. If you say the sky is blue they say its green. Misery loves company. When you are connected to person like that ,you always feel like you could do more but they are holding you back with their issues. You know you should cut them off but don’t. In the mean time you feel stuck. You need to connect yourself with people who always bring the sunshine. every time you see or talk to them they have a word or two of encouragement. Always willing to help you get to that next level whether it be personal or business. They never knock you for what you are doing or want to do for your advancement. Instead they will help you get there. So I ask you again. Who’s the bad connection in your life? Just remember you are the cord. Just change outlets for a better connection.

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