Hello Sir.  How are you? Where are you traveling to?  Do you have baggage? Does your baggage have names tags?

Do you have baggage? What are the name tags on your baggage?

Let me help you. Do you have fear baggage, sad baggage, childhood wounds baggage or past relationship baggage?

If the answer is yes. I want to encourage you to unpack any unhealthy baggage that is weighing you down emotionally and pack new healthy baggage.

How about a forgiveness bag, a happiness bag, a new mindset bag, or an I am enjoying my life regardless of what people think or feel about me bag?

Any of those sound like good replacement bags? Are you willing to unpack your bag?


Believe it or not most people carry their baggage with them every day. They go to work with baggage. They come home with baggage. They go into the public with baggage.

Would you like a scenario to see how baggage shows up in our lives  Are you ready?  Here we go….

So you go to Starbucks and there is a line. You sigh and roll your eyes. The music is loud and annoying. You drove there in silence. No radio, no Pandora, nada because you didn’t feel like listening to all of your favor Megan Thee Stallion songs.  Finally, you are almost at the counter and a family of 5 is ordering. You roll your eyes, have a look on your face that could kill, and decide you don’t want kids. They complete their order and the cashier compliments the dad’s watch. They converse for a few minutes. You sigh loudly. They stop and look at you and end their conversation. Finally you are at the counter and the cashier says, “What can I get you?” You get an attitude because she didn’t say Good Morning. You ask for a passion tea and she tells you they out of it. You ask for green tea and she tells you that they are out of green tea also. You are so over her. You are next level irritated. You don’t drink coffee anymore and you are trying to be consistent. You order a large water.  Now you are more annoyed and you have short responses because you waited in line and you are leaving with just a water.   Whooow. That is just one example of how we carry our baggage with us everywhere we go.


Let’s talk about why you are really angry and what happened before you went to Starbucks.   Your boss is upset with you because he didn’t like your response in a group email. You had an argument with your neighbor about them parking in your space. Oh yes and you got into another argument with your spouse about the bills.


You took your angry baggage, disappointment baggage, lack of patience baggage into Starbucks.

The cashier and customers didn’t do anything to you. They don’t know you. They don’t know that you are hurt or sad.

We need to know we must not take our anger out on others. We are allowed to be angry, frustrated, and sad. Just be cognizant of how you treat others. Moreover get help with unpacking heavy unhealthy baggage. Begin anew. Pack lighter and healthy baggage.

I know it seems embarrassing to share painful stories about your life. Don’t feel embarrassed. Talking to someone and seeking help is holistic and healing.

 Your mental health is so extremely important.



 Coach Tee



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